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Jana Davel – Vocals:

Jana started to sing at 10 yo, when she used to play singing with a mic plugged in old set, later, at 15, she was singing for the Pop Rock band Alta Voltagem, and as soon as she was out, she started to sing at her first Metal band, EOS which she was in for 3 years, and in 2008 she was invited to join the band Odisea, finishing the activities in 2015. in 2009, in parallel with Odisea, she also sang for the band Deriva for 1 year. she also worked on backing vocals on the band SuperRock. Also, did singing lessons, dance and musical theater courses.


Elvis Rodrigues – Bass:

Started his musical life as a soloist singer in children`s choir at a church. At 11, he starts to study acoustic guitar with the Conductor Feliciano Madeira at Nucleo de Artes Albert Einstein. In 2006 joined the Villa-Lobos music school where he started to study classical singing with Anderson Cianni as teacher. He studied bass with Bruno Ladislau (Andre Matos band). And with the instrument integrated the bands: Logic of Insanity, Innerlight and Ergus.


Vicktor Correa – Drums:

Vicktor started to study Drums, percussion and music theory in 2003. Since then, studied for 3 years in the musical school of the Universidade Catolica de Petropolis and also had Ricardo Confessori (ex-Angra e Shaman) as teacher. He plays professionally since 2007, playing with artists like Rafael Bazano, Gargamel Kronemberger, leo Ferreira and others. He integrated the bands: Undertakker, Ergus, Concreto Humano, Flash and Generais Marcianos, where he played from 2011 until early 2017. Vicktor teaches Drum and percussion at Fabrika de Sons music school.