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Originated in the city of PetrĂ³polis in Rio de Janeiro, the band Urantia was born in May 2015, as an acoustic project of voice and guitar and presented at the event “Girls on Metal” at Gypsy Bar. Shortly thereafter, turn to the band format for their second show in the same place. In 2017 after some line up changes, Urantia is:
Jana Davel (Odisea), Elvis Rodrigues (former Ergus) and Vicktor Correa (Undertaker) and focuses on a Power Metal with various influences: Shaman, Judas Priest, Eluveitie, among others.
The lyrics brings narrative elements of history, belief and philosophy.
With a cadenced weight and sometimes fast, the sound of the band also mixes with folk rhythms, which greatly contributes to their identity.